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University of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Physical Therapy

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“With Exxat, The University of Tennessee saved an estimated 38 hours per clinical experience.”

Jacque Bradford, PT, DPT, MS, Director of Clinical EducationWhen Jacque Bradford, PT, DPT, MS, Director of Clinical Education and Marie Hatten, PT, DPT, Assistant Director of Clinical Education at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s Physical Therapy program began using EXXAT STEPS, they saved an estimated 38 hours per clinical experience. With 5 experiences per student, that’s almost 5 weeks per year.
Like most PT programs, prior to Exxat, Jacque and Marie manually sent their Slot Requests to sites, manually entered and managed slots, and used a lottery system to match 60 students per cohort to clinical sites for each of their 5 individual clinical experiences. This took about 40 hours of the DCE & ADCE’s time per clinical experience.
Here’s how EXXAT STEPS turned 40 hours into 2 hours.
Exxat’s Bulk Slot Request tool automatically generates slot request emails to all active sites containing unique links that allow CCCEs to offer slots directly into the system.
With this tool, Tennessee sets up their March 1st Mailing email request in minutes. The email then goes out to CCCEs who can then offer slots right into the system. The system also sends confirmation emails to CCCEs. This minimizes the time spent entering, tracking, and confirming slots.
Once the slots are in, EXXAT STEPS Wishlists make all relevant slot and site information available to students from any web-enabled device. This replaces the need for the DCE and ADCE to create hard copies of slot offerings for student review. Instead, students easily filter and search slots and create ranked wishlists of their slot preferences online.
With most lottery systems, students choose their slots one by one in order of a random number assignment. The lucky few with low numbers get their pick of all slots while students with higher numbers choose from whatever remains.
With Autoplacements, after students complete their Wishlists, Exxat runs a sophisticated linear regression algorithm. The algorithm makes over 1 million calculations and finds the best placements for the class as a whole.
TN has been very pleased with their outcomes. Jacque called one set of results, “The best I’ve ever seen!” 50% of students received their first choice. “All the students were extremely pleased.” In a typical lottery scenario, those results would be highly unusual.
Overall, TN saw an easier March 1st Mailing, a more efficient way to display available slots, and happy students with a higher percentage in their top choices, all with 38-hour time savings.
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“The best I’ve ever seen! 50% of students received their first choice. All students were extremely pleased.” 
Jacque Bradford

Making the most of your slots

Requesting slots is only half the battle. Next you need to make sure you get and fill the slots you’re offered and target your resources to get the slots you aren’t offered.
Here are our best tips for managing slots to maximize your students’ clinical experience and minimize your stress in the process.
Keep or scan the original offer.
Keep meticulous records. A slot lost in the shuffle is a lost opportunity for this year as well as a reason for sites not to offer you slots for next year. Track all your slots and reward your sites for offering them.
Confirm slots right away. If you have a software system, this is easily done. Otherwise, send an individual email.
Make sure to track site-specific requirements to avoid surprises down the line.
Make sure to fill slots that were hard to get.
Let tech help you. Let’s face it. Clinical education is partially about a million details. And our brains have a limit to how much they can handle. Luckily, technology does not. Seek tech solutions to these problems. To do lists. Spreadsheets. Specialized software and applications.
Follow up smart—not desperate. Clin Ed programs manage so many site relationships. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Develop tools to help you target who to contact and when. If you have a Clinical Education Management system, then these tools are likely built into your system. But if you don’t, you may have to develop them yourself.

Total Slots Report: A report that tells you current counts, settings, and other details
Annual Slot Offerings Comparison Report: Tells you who offered slots last year but not this year.
Call Me Later: Tells you who doesn’t know yet, but might offer slots in the future
Session & Setting Distribution Report: Tells you if you have the right slots available for your student population.

Focus your follow-ups on sites that have offered slots in the past and sites who offer slots in the settings you really need.
Unused slots? See if you can turn them into slots you do need. Instead of just cancelling slots you can’t use, why not ask if the site would be able to take a student for either another session or another type of slot. We know everyone wants the third years but the first years not so much. But you work on your site relationships for a reason. Call in favors where it makes sense.
May the odds be ever in your favor!

March 1st Mailing Follow-Up April 5, 2017 for PT Users

Date & Time: April 5, 2017 at 10-11 am PST (1 pm EST)
Overview: We’ll look at how to follow up on your March 1st Mailing. This webinar is appropriate for PT users.
Reports & Tools

Overall Reports
Who Hasn’t Opened My Slot Request?
Who Usually Offers Slots But Didn’t This Year?

Sending Reminder Emails Through the System
Resending the Original Slot Request
Sending the Original Slot Request to Additional Recipients
Best Practices

PA Wishlists 101 April 12, 2017

Date & Time: April 12, 2017 at 10-11 am PDT (1 pm EDT)
Overview: We’ll look at PA Wishlists start to finish with a special emphasis on new features.

New Features & Enhancements: April 7, 2017

It’s that time again! Exxat is making improvements and enhancements and we can’t wait to tell you about them in our New Features & Enhancements webinar. Join us for a deep dive into how these new features help you save time and educate smarter.
Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll cover:

New reports to help you track and manage students & sites.
Setting up your own automated notifications to keep you and your students on track and in compliance.
Student shortcuts to make their lives less clicky.

All About Exxat Approve & Exxat Assist May 10, 2017

Date & Time: May 10, 2017 at 10-11 am PDT (1 pm EDT)
Overview: Explore Exxat’s new Exxat Assist and Exxat Approve services. These services optimize your clinical education program by reviewing and managing student documents and more!